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love is the doctor

             Love is the doctor, takes place in the 1600's. Can anyone imagine what time was like then? It's interesting to read or watch a film or movies and the scenes are supposed to resemble the 1600's. Does anyone really know what life was like for people back then? I enjoy life now, I guess I've acquired a taste for electronics. In the 1600's I would of been board, but then again if I were in the 1600's I would of found something to do with my time and kept my mouth shut about electronics, or there may have been a witch burning there in Pairs along with the ones in Salem. Love is the doctor takes place on a stage in Pairs. There were footlights and chandeliers, there was also candles and oil lamps. It seemed like the stage setting was set up real close to home life. The women wore customary costumes.(1) The men sported black robes and hats and beards. Sganarelle seems very protective of his daughter, he also likes to spoil her, like many parents spoil their children today. Lucinda is the daughter who is in love with Clitander who in return is in love with her. Lucretia is Sganorelle's niece, Lisette is Lucinda's maid. There are doctors and servants, neighbors, singers, and dancers. I would not like a servant at my every need, anytime I needed something. Sganorelle starts to call his daughter names cause, she will not tell him what is wrong. Listte, Lucinda's mail tells Sganarelle that she will talk to Lucinda to see what is wrong with her. Lisette sees Sganarelle, and tells him that Lucinda is very hurt by his words. Lisette indicates that Lucinda was about to commit suicide, Sganarelle is hanging on to Lesette every word. Then she tells him that Lucinda collapsed in her arms and it seemed as though her heart stopped, eyes rolled back in her head. Sganarelle called for a servant to bring in champagne and then put out the word for four doctor to be brought there. Sganarelle wanted their opinion to why his daughter is so ill.

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