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Love and Revenge in A Tale Of Two Cities

            "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." (7) Better for some, and worst for most. All under the French and English aristocracy. Destine for change, destine for rebuttal, the cruelty to the people is slowly approaching a halt as the French Revolution slowly rolls into action. During the time of the guillotine, and oppression to the people, love is a motive to keep the patriots vigorous and in motion to make change for the greater good in their country. In the novel A Tale Of Two Cities, Charles Dickens exploits love as influential and motivational. Doctor Manette, imprisoned for eighteen years, was mentally and physically unstable and was recalled to life from the love of his daughter Lucie Manette. Lucie also recalls Sydney Carton and give him purpose and esteem that he thought was forever gone, as he later thanks her for by recalling her husband to life. Dickens utilizes love and its influence by expressing it through characterization, conflict, and theme, and articulates it's capability to govern ones actions and restore wellness.
             Using imagery and diction to characterize ones state of being, Dickens uses love as a distinctive recourse to recall one to a content state and upholds ones actions towards change. Lucie Manette with the belief of her father being deceased, and Doctor Manette unnoted of his locality as her father, origins Doctor Manette's affliction towards shoe making as he loses his sanity being locked away for eighteen years. Upon first sight after a prolonged separation, the.
             doctor catches glance of Lucie's skirt, then face, and then solely focuses his attention onto her as a whole. " Her golden hair, which she wore in ling curls, had been hurriedly pushed aside, and fell down over her neck." (48) First belief of her being his wife, then revised that she's his daughter, Lucie begins to take care of her father as he is no longer imprisoned. After living for five years with Lucie's love and nourishment, Doctor Manette is recalled back to serenity and is in a position to amend the barbarity from the French and English aristocracy.

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