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             Summary: Nora, years ago, helped save her husband's life through a forgery. In the present, Torvald, her husband, is now getting a raise with new responsibilities at the bank. Krogstad, an employee, does not want to get fired. He black males Nora with his knowledge of the forgery in order to get her to persuade her husband to keep Krogstad on staff. Torvald finds out about the forgery through Krogstad's black male letter and he grows furious at his wife Nora. Soon after the problem is solved because the Krogstad has found happiness. Nora then decides that her marriage is not pure and there is no love. She then leaves her family to find herself.
             2. Major Characters: .
             a. Nora Helmer: Main character of play. Nora has never lived alone, going immediately from the care of her father to that of her husband; is impulsive and materialistic. Over the course of the three Acts, emerges as a fully independent.
             b. Torvald Helmer: Husband of Nora Helmer of eight years; he sees himself primarily as responsible for the financial welfare of his family and as a guardian for his wife. Torvald is particularly concerned with morality. .
             c. Dr. Rank: Friend of the family and physician of Torvald; Rather than providing moral guidance and example for the rest of the characters, Dr. Rank is a corrupt force, both physically and morally.
             3. Minor Characters: .
             a. Mrs. Christine Linde: An old schoolmate of Nora's; comes back into Nora's life after losing her husband and mother; asks Nora to help her secure a job at Torvald's bank; she serves as a symbol of the ultimate hollowness of the matriarchal role .
             b. Nils Krogstad: Man from whom Nora borrows money to pay for trip to Italy and an employee at the bank with Torvald. Was involved in a work scandal many years previously; as a result, his name has been sullied and his career stunted.
             4. Themes: .
             a. Women and Men: This play focuses on the way that women are seen, especially in the context of marriage and motherhood.

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