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How to Curb your population

             A Plan to Curb Population in South Asia.
             There are many ways to curb population in south Asia. Giving fines to people who have a certain amount of kids, sending the father to jail, making laws banning the mother from having a certain amount of kids but one and only one way will work to curb the population in South Asia. It will be to inform the woman that if they don't have more then two kids they will be given the privilege have having a better education for themselves, their spouse, and there 2 kids. If they have more kids they wouldn't be given that opportunity because kids cost a lot of money and chances are they wont have enough money to raise more then two children and have a good education for everyone in their family. We will also tell them that if they regulate on the amount of kids they have they will be given better living standards in there home. They will also have a higher status in their community. Hopefully this will reduce the desire for woman to even have kids. The motto will be "Less kids Better Life.".
             If we increase awareness about having kids woman will be able to control her own fertility much better. Hopefully if it seems that woman in one community like the idea it will soon spread to other places around that area. If people see that there neighbors are reducing the amount of children thy are having, they will want to reduce them as well. Everyone always just wants to fit in with society so they will do it just to "fit in.".
             We can also inform the children on what the consequences will be if when they get older and choose to have more then two kids that there living conditions will be very rough. The young girls will look at how they lived and what decision their mothers made. If there mother made the decision have more then two kids they will hopefully realize how poorly they lived their lives and they wont want to make the same mistake their mothers did.

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