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What is a modern fable

            A Modern Fable is a brief narrative often involving animals as characters, with an explict moral message stated at the end.
             The opening lines Lawerance mimics the style and structure of fairy tales by only omitting the traditional "Once upon a time- for "There was a women- Yet this type parody continues where he uses simplicity in his choice of language "She married for love and love changed to dust". However even though the writing may be of a childish manner but as the writer goes on to explore n make apparent the power of money and greed we see a underlying maturity about it. .
             In comparision with the above definition of a fable D H Lawerance's "The Rocking Horse Winner" also moral message. The theme of love versus money runs throughout the story. The reader is first introduced to this concept "Although the lived in style, they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money" From this we can derive that the writer is trying to give the impression that there anxiety is caused by the lack of money within the family where in a healthy family a lack of love should be the cause of anxiety not money. @@@.
             The story is set in a house "They live in a pleasant house with a garden ." From this we can presume that the house is one of goods condition (war). However then the readers image of the house is challenged by the following " And so the house came to be haunted by the unspoken phrase. There must be more money! There must be more money!" From this we can tell that the theme of greed is also in this story as the repetition of the yearning for more money confirms that. The setting in spite of comtempory details has a sense of remoteness n fairy tale world where every thing with any bearing can be quickly told. Also the house seems very magical as it is given human chartacteristics by the children hearing the voices. This is similar to the magic mirror in @@@@.
             The effects of a boy wanting to please and earn the love of his mother " This angered him somewhat , and made him want to compel her attention".

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