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Group performance

             In the following report I will provide information on an experiment that I have attempted on Group performance in solving a creative task. In order to do so I used Brainstorming as a method to proceed with the experiment.
             Brainstorming is a technique by which, as many possible ideas will be produced within a relative short time. Brainstorming is used to solve tasks, if many ideas are necessary and if the task is relative clear and understandable presented. Brainstorming can be used in groups of four to eight participants or on a single person.
             Guidelines of Brainstorming.
             - "Toss" of as many ideas as possible.
             - The wilder the ideas the better.
             - Build on the ideas advanced by other group members.
             - Never criticize an idea no matter how weird or impractical it may at first seem.
             (Lord, 1997).
             The Moderator.
             For group brainstorming it is necessary to have a supervisor, which is the so-called moderator. Myself hold this position. The moderator introduces the brainstorming and is also responsible that the participants respect the guidelines, Especially the last guideline is important no group member is allowed to criticise any ideas of the other members. The moderator should also make sure that every group member has its chance to state his or her ideas.
             (http://www.zeitzuleben.de) .
             How does Brainstorming work?.
             1. The Task has to be stated and written down exact and clear.
             2. It is necessary to use a white piece of paper with no lines. An alarm clock has to be set with the needed time.
             3. When the clock starts, ideas may be written down as long as they are in any connection with the task. This will be done until the time is up.
             4. Only after the time ran out, nobody will be writing and the ideas may be evaluated.
             Reason for using Brainstorming.
             Ideas are the main ingredient in Brainstorming and quantity is here more important than quality.

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