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The black church in the african american experience

            The religion dimension: Black Sacred Cosmos, religion dimensions consist highly on the encounter of human beings with "sacred" or "divine." The black sacred cosmos however, or the religious worldview of African Americans is related to their African heritage. Furthermore which envisaged the whole universe as sacred, meanwhile their conversion to Christianity durong slavery and its aftermath. As slaves on the farms and plantations Blacks, also as domestic servants in ehite households, black people were privy to some of the most intimate aspects of white life, and culture, therefore from worship to sexual behavior, in addition few whites knew little about black people and their culture, or even cared to. In addition depending upon the culture and history of a particular African religious tradition, different sacred objects fo figure will be the center of the black sacred cosmos. Caribbean and Latin America like the Voudou of Hiati, the Obeia of Jamaica, the Santeria of Cuba, and the Candomble and Umbanda of Brazil, African deities and spiritual forces played a more prominent role in the rituals and worship of the people. For African American Christianity, the Christian Gid ultimately revealed in Jesus of Nazaredeth dominated the black sacred cosmos. Therefore the black structure of beliefs was the same orthodox belief as that of white Christians. Although there were different degrees of emphasis on and valences given to certain particular theological views. The dircet releationship between the hollocaust of slavery and the notion of divine rescue colored the theological perceptions of black laity and the themes of black preaching in a very deceisive manner. A major aspect of black Christian beliefs is found in the symbolic importance to the word "Freedom." During slavery it meant relese from bondage, therefore after emaancipation it meant the right to be educated, to be employed, and to move freely from place to place.

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