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mr. roe (potter)

             Over my years spent attending Loyola Blakefield, I have come across numerous teachers that have made great impacts on everyone around them. I have chosen one of these great faculty members, and in a brief interview, have managed to provide a portrait of this great man's life.
             I now draw your attention to this person. His name is Mr. Jerry Roe. He is currently the department head of Fine Arts at Loyola Blakefield. Mr. Roe spent his childhood days in the area of Easton, Maryland. There he grew up with his mother and father. His father was a salesman for a gas company, and both parents gave Mr. Roe much support growing up to pursue his career in art. From a very young age, Mr. Roe had exhibited signs of immense artistic ability. In his adolescent years, Mr. Roe attended Easton High School. There, he wasn't able to really acquire much formal art education. .
             Mr. Roe's next step in life led him to Towson University. Under the great pressure from parents and guardians, Mr. Roe majored in business for the first two years of college. Soon, he realized that art would be his career. So, in his junior year, he switched majors and received a bachelor degree in ceramics. From there, he went on to finish a masters degree in sculpture. .
             Shortly after college, Mr. Roe and a number of other friends from school bought a vacant building in Mt. Washington. Together, they founded Baltimore Clayworks, a non-profit organization. In his studio place at Clayworks, he worked as a potter for numerous years. Later in his time at Clayworks, he began to teach some classes. It was at this time in his life that he realized he wanted to make a career of teaching something he loved, art. On the side he began to teach a ceramics class at Hagerstown Community College one night a week. One day, he stumbled upon an ad posting an opening for a art teacher position at a local private school. Mr. Roe, enthusiastic at the opportunity to teach, interviewed immediately.

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