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Harry Potter

            This weekly writing assignment is a journal entry. I have decided to write about 3 books I read this summer. The name of this book is Harry Potter. I know that it has been a while since the first book was released, but I was busy reading school books and other books which I had already chosen to read. .
             So finally this summer I decided to read the Harry Potter books because since the fifth book released this summer and had some amazing sales and reviews I decided to read them. .
             I obviously started out to read the first one because it was a sequel and so I would understand the other books. The first book explains who Harry Potter is and who is parents are. It also explains who killed his parents but not why he killed them. That information is contained it the other books. It also tells us that he is born in a wizard family, a person who believes in magic and uses it, but lives with his aunt and uncle who are muggles, people who don't believe in magic. Harry's guardians hate him because of this reason. The first book also tells us how he gets an invitation to the best school of Witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts. When he enters the school he finds many secrets in the school and there is a lot of mystery because of him entering the school.
             In the second book there are many more mysteries in the school because of him. There are many students who are also harmed by Lord Voldemort, the murderer of Harry's parents, because he is looking for Harry and he can't get to Harry.
             In the 3rd book, my favorite book, there is a prisoner who escaped from prison and is supposedly hunting for Harry. So Harry is under special protection at Hogwarts. But this book is my favorite because it has the most mystery and a very surprising ending. I will not give this away just incase you feel like reading the book.
             That's all I read this summer excluding the summer reading assignment. I"m still reading the fourth book and waiting for the excitement to start.

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