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Harry Potter

            In the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.Rowling takes you into the life of Harry Potter. She takes us through Harry's hard times and happy times that are common to boys growing up, but Harry's work at Hogwarts is anything but common! Much of the story is plan "hang on to your seat" excitement. Throughout this story Harry Potter learns many lessons along with his best friends Hermione and Ron. The major theme is Good over Evil with another theme being you should not judge someone by what another person says.
             The background for the story is that for twelve long years the magical prison, Azkaban, held a notorious prisoner named Sirius Black. Black was serving time for alleged killing of Harry's parents and the elimination of thirteen other muggles (non-magical people). They said he was one of Lord Voldermort's men. As we begin the story, we find out that Sirius Black has escaped from prison, leaving only two very distinctive clues as to where he might be going to. Either Hogwarts, the magic school where Harry attends, or back to Lord Voldermort's side. The Azkaban guards heard Sirius Black say in his sleep "He's at Hogwarts He's at Hogwarts). Black's unknown whereabouts put the Hogwart's Campus on edge an on full alert as Harry Potter and his classmates return for a new school year. As the faculty fear's for Harry's safety, he is limited in his ability to move about campus as he has had the freedom to do so in the past. This frustrates Harry tremendously and places a strain on his friendships with Ron and Hermone. Further, Harry's safety is even more at risk as there is a strong feeling Hogwart's has a traitor loyal to Lord Volermort in their midst. In the end, Harry and his friends do save Harry from the Evil Voldermort but the real hero of the story is Sirius Black, who is not a murderer at all, but in fact is Harry's Godfather.
             There are so many passages in this story that, much like the text from C.

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