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Harry Potter

            Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
             Harry Potter (a sorcerer) comes to Hogwarts, a school for withes to learn about magic. At Hogwarts, Harry meets many friends and finds mystical things everywhere, and trouble.
             Harry Potter doesn't know this yet, but he will have to overcome a big obstacle to survive. .
             At first, Harry lives mean aunt and uncle. Here, Harry doesn't know at all that he is a sorcerer, until he receives a strange letter inviting him to Hogwarts. Of course, Uncle .
             Vernon and Aunt Petunia don't want Harry going to this school. Harry does end up at Hogwarts, but what is there is quite surprising. .
             One day when Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia take Harry to the zoo for their son Dudley's birthday, only because they can't find him a babysitter. When they entered the reptile house. Harry walked over to a Boa Constrictor from Brazil, and began talking to it! After Dudley punched Harry and Harry fell on the floor, the most amazing thing happened, the glass on the Boa Constrictor's cage vanished! As the Boa Constrictor scattered on the floor it yelled out "Brazil, here I come Thanksss, amigo." But only Harry could hear it.
             This book has very interesting things in it.
             Opinion: I liked this book a lot, it has so much mystical stuff.

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