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Harry Potter

            Is Green Really the Devil's Favorite Color?.
             General Introduction: Is your favorite color green? If so, you may be .
             a devil-worshiper.
             Purpose Statement: Setting the record straight and uncovering some .
             common myths may help people understand why JK Rowling chose the colors .
             she did in the novel.
             Claim/Thesis Statement: Many religious critics of the Harry Potter .
             series claim that JK Rowling's novels are satanic and promote devil .
             worshiping. These critics argue that the devil's favorite color must be .
             green because it is used so much in the novel.
             II. Topic Details.
             Basic Information: The topic of color choice in one which many have .
             argued and thousands will continue to argue. Some argue that the .
             devil's favorite color is green, others claim that there is no .
             connection between the devil and the color green in JK Rowling's novels.
             Issue: Critics are always looking for events and writing style in .
             novels that may cause controversy. One such controversial topic is .
             color choice. The color green is used predominantly throughout the .
             entire book so critics have used that as a way of claiming the devil's .
             favorite color is green. Many readers disagree with this which is why .
             the topic is such an issue that has and will continue to be argued.
             Audience Concerns: The general targeted audience is the adult .
             population who is reading the Harry Potter series with or to their .
             children. Parents always want to shield their kids from any harm and .
             one thing a parent could possibly think would harm a child is the Harry .
             Potter series. By knowing the facts and hearing about the common .
             believed myths, a parent is better educated to make a decision of .
             whether or not they will allow their children to read JK Rowling's .
             Example: At the very beginning of the book Mr. Dursley sees strange .
             people wearingemerald green cloaks?. We later learn that these people .
             admire Harry and look up to him. Harry doesn't remember much about his .

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