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Just Business

            In this essay titled Just Business I will be discussing the book titled Death of a Salesman By Arthur Miller. I will be writing about a statement that was made by the protagonist of the story, Willy Loman as he tells his boss "You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away". Willy tells his boss that after firing him from his job after thirty- four years of hard work. Willy is a character that is a hard workingman trying to do the best he can to earn a living for his family. His boss Howard betrays him when Willy finally gets in his old age and is no longer needed. Willy is offended by his boss reaction after pleading to him that he needs work paying the earnings he deserves. He also asks Howard if he can do some work in the office that's easier for him to do. .
             Howard denied Willy's offer. He tells Willy that there's nothing he can do but do salesman work. This is too hard on Willy with not enough pay. Willy feels that he should as least get the proper respect as working for their company for so long. Howard could have a least gave Willy a position in the office. It is clear through this passage that Howard is a user. He is also a character that doesn't care about any one but himself. Willy is a hard workingman he has put in a lot of time and worked hard for his company as if it was his own. When a person gets old and not as strong as he to used to be Howard wants to get rid of him without offering Willy nothing but the door. What Willy means about " you can't just eat orange than throw the peel away". There's no respect or no appreciation from Howard's part. What I think Arthur Miller is trying demonstrate is if you going to use it then take care of it. .
             Arthur Miller demonstrates through out the passage how the business world is filled with users as he demonstrates it when Willy's boss Howard tells Willy after working for him for thirty-four years he is no longer needed. He clearly states how you can get jerked in the business world.

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