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Making Information Meaningful

            Learning is the ability to take a person's life experiences that are acquired and develop them so one can learn a new skill, concept, or behavior, which will be useful later in life. This paper deals with the many different characteristic associated with acquiring learning and the factors involved that make information meaningful in the classroom. .
             There are many forms of learning, ranging from simple to complex. Simple forms of learning involve a single stimulus which is a environmental condition that is detectable to the senses, such as a sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste. There are three theories of learning that are used to study the way students learn: classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning. Classical conditioning, students learn to associate two stimuli that occur in sequence, such as the noon bell followed by lunch. In operant conditioning, students learn by forming an association between a behavior and its consequences either reward or punishment, such as touching hot burner one will burn their hand. Observational learning, students can learn by watching others perform behaviors or skills and learning from their accomplishment or disappointments. .
             Operant conditioning is most likely the most used theory for classroom instruction, it requires that students perform a certain behavior or skill, before receiving a reward or punishment. Unlike classical conditioning where two stimuli's are presented regardless of what the student accomplishes. Operant condition is based on the law of effect principle developed by Edward Thorndike, which states that behaviors that are followed by pleasant consequences will be strengthened and more likely to reoccur in the future. Equally, behaviors that are followed by unpleasant consequences will be weakened and will be less likely to be repeated in the future. .
             The principles of operant conditioning were developed by B.

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