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             "O brave new world, that has such people in it - .
             " William Shakespeare, The Tempest, quoted by Aldous Huxley.
             " .
             With technology exponentially growing, and the insatiable hunger for discovery and knowledge, the actual nature of human beings is changing. Stories of stem-cell research, human-mouse embryo experiments and genetically engineered animals for consumption flood technology newspapers. Building electronic devices from single atoms, and playing around with DNA leads scientist down the inevitable path to new types of human life forms - but is that a path to destruction or peace? Eliminating diseases and viruses is a pro of this type of experimentation, but making human bodies better leads to longetivity as well. Delaying the aging process is a conceivable, and perhaps eminent, concept for the near future, but that may well be a bad thing. Huxley batted around the concept of human Gods creating the world they deemed fit, under their rules, and it seems we aren't far from such a Brave New World. And perhaps Dr. Gray who has transplanted the first self-contained heart and sustained life is really another Dr. Frankenstein. These new drugs for longetivity that will perhaps be available for the elite wealth, and cell and tissue repairs made possible by the manipulation of human DNA will either lead us into a better world, or one of no existence. Perfect health and perfect humans will either be reminiscent of a monsterish nightmare or a drug-induced dream' world. Delaying aging may not be as fantastical as it seems, and Huxley may have been right in warning of the future of genetic engineering.
             Modern science can now help slow down the process of getting old. Scientists have used roundworms to play with genetics, and alter their life spans. With human organs, proteins, and parts being created in labs and on farms, death seems less and less imminent.


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