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The Phoenicians

             Did you know that there were many powerful civilizations in ancient times? One of them were the Phoenicians. It was located in what is now modern Lebanon. The Phoenicians had four important features. They had advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, and record keeping. (Louis L. Orlin) .
             The Phoenicians were very educated people. They were educated because they made their own alphabet. Their alphabet resembles the Greek alphabet and the alphabet we use today. This allowed them to keep written by records. (Ronald Wallenfels, Jack M. Sasson).
             The Phoenicians had kept written records for laws and rules. There was information on taxes, land use, and jail sentences. The Phoenicians did not make any advancements in technology, but they made purple dye made from soil. The Phoenicians also invented glass. There has been many bronze statues and devices found that were made by the Phoenicians. The industries that the Phoenicians are most responsible for are the making of purple dye and textiles, metalworking, and different shaped glass. The Phoenicians were also the best ship makers and in there time. Along with being excellent shipbuilders they also were great sailors. They sailed the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. This did not happen for a other two thousand years. Their great sailing and shipbuilding techniques made them the most successful traders in the ancient world. Phoenicians had many talents as craftsmen.(Louis L. Orlin) .
             The Phoenicians were one of the greatest civilizations. There civilization lasted for about 252 years, from 1100 B.C to 842 B.C. The Phoenicians crumbled because they did not have a strong military and never united into one. The Phoenicians thrived because they had dominant trade along the Mediterranean Sea.(William Burgess) .
             The Phoenicians were one of the greatest traders of their time. They had seven cities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

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