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The Phoenicians

            The Phoenicians were a very intelligent culture they developed the alphabet, they were excellent ship builders, they also traded with many other cultures such as the Greek (which is where cultural diffusion took place and the Greeks adopted the alphabet but added the important vowels the Phoenicians left out. The Phoenicians also spoke a dialect and used coin money.
             The Phoenicians were very good wood and metal workers. They made and used furniture, metal work, and especially glassware. The Phoenicians were also well known for their purple dye known as "Tyrian Purple." They had an excellent navy and used the stars to navigate. They controlled many city-states and eventually sailed North to Spain, Ireland, and England.
             There was a huge demand for metals such as gold, silver, copper, tin, and nickel. They would also make things like bronze and iron. The Phoenicians also possessed the skill of dentistry, which is evident by the fine braces on a lower jaw of a skull. In Massachusetts and Iowa there are Punic inscriptions that prove the Phoenicians had reached North America in BC. The Phoenician language is actually still spoken today in Malta.
             The Phoenicians also had a government. The first parliament ever in the Middle East met in the Phoenician confederate city of Tripoli. The Phoenicians were very peaceful though they enjoyed things such as art and explored North, South, East and west of because they loved adventure. They were one of strongest civilizations though because of their excellent navy. They united various races and many through friendly links, through this method they softened them and humanized them.

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