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The Rules of Deception

             Commander Robert Aston is the team leader of an secret elite unit called:"Giga Force", which only the President and a few others know about.Thomas Wright(Bomb specialist), Jhon Hartson(Field soldier), Kyle Armstrong(Sniper), Jimmy Thompson(Field soldier and medic) and Robert Aston(Strategiest,Field soldier and team leader)are the members of the Giga Force.They are all the best on their terms.Right now their gearing up for an quick bust,they are going too arrest a small terrorist by the name Quinten Fox.An easy mission really,the Giga Force don`t usually take so easy missions,this can only be considerd as a simpel training mission.Aston takes his favorite gun, the desert eagle in his hand and orders the others too start the mission.The plan is simply too get Fox out as quickly as possible.Armstrong runs up too the high grounds and provides cover,while Hartson and Wright goes in from the front.Aston and Thompson are going in through the back too get Fox.Fox is protected by six guards, Hartson and Wright starts shooting at them.All of the guards assembels, takes possisions and fires back, just like Aston planed.While the gunfight at the one end of the camp Aston and Thompson captures Fox at the other.Once Fox is secure, Aston fires a flare gun up in the air.That is the signal too the rest of the group, the mission was completet and an other flawless victory was added too the stats.
             Usa(Chicago)20.45.21/09 2003.
             Finaly back in the states, Aston is sitting in his silver Merchedes 500sl(one of the advanteges of having an important job)driving home from the airport.His wife Joanne is waiting with dinner, she is the one thing Aston loves more than his job.They have been married for about three wonderful years now.After a strongly wanted good night of sleep an even more wanted day of awaits, they allways get at least one day of after a mission.Unfortunatly Joanne didn`t get a day of from her work, she had too much too do and a short deadline.

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