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Civil Rights/America

            The civil rights struggle of the 1950's and 1960's created certain incidents, organizations and people such as Emitt Till, Rosa Parks, Little Rock Nine, NAACP, Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka Kansas, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King, Jr., played important roles in the movement. It was a way to road for African Americans to fulfill full political and social equality.
             The first major character of the civil rights movement is Emitt Till. Emitt, was a fourteen-year-old boy from a predominantly middle class neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. He was shot in the head and deliberately thrown into the Tallahatshie River, because he whistled at the white woman. This incident outraged a population of the black community in the North. An innocent young by-stander was compelled to death, because of the color of his skin. In Chicago different marches occurred for the justice of Emmitt Till and the rest of the African American community. Eventually this disgraceful mishap contributed a great role in the civil rights struggle.
             Throughout the 1950's and 1960's United States faced with the separation of races. In particular cases such as sitting in the front of the bus was greatly prohibited for the African Americans. One courageous lady by the name of Rosa Parks decided to slightly bend the law. Rosa always sat in the front of the bus instead of the back. On December 15, 1956 the conductor disintegrated Rosa Parks from the public transportation. Rosa's courageous and outstanding acts helped to face Americans with the separation of races. Most of all due to her stubbornness, in a long run African Americans were allowed to ride public transportation sitting in the front of the vehicle.
             One of the major people of the civil rights movement, was Thurgood Marshall. He was a counsel, who led Legal Defense and Education Fund, which led to several significant challenges to segregation laws.

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