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Donnie darko

            Thank you Richard Kelly! How refreshing it is to see an original teen movie, one without Freddie Prinze Jr. or the usual plot of a geek who transforms into the most popular kid in school. It is a shame that this movie went straight to DVD after the events of September 11; it is a movie that makes you pay attention despite your laughter and white knuckles. It is the kind of movie experience that can only be described as being like a blind man on a roller coaster - you have no idea what is coming but you can tell it will be great.
             Despite taking place in the eighties, it's not the usual John Hughes feel good Eighties movie. It chronicles the life of Donnie Darko, a mentally troubled teenager, after his life is dramatically altered when a plane engine crashes through his house and he escapes death. The movie also shows the darker underbelly of the suburbs during the picturesque end of the Reagan era, with foul-mouthed teens, eccentric teachers, and child pornography. Confused already? Trust me; this is one of those movies you have to watch at least three times to vaguely form a hypothesis about what is going on. While the science fiction storyline is easy to follow, the piecing together is hard to figure out; but alas, there are resources available like www.donniedarko.com to ease your troubled mind after viewing.
             With exquisite acting (Jake Gyllenhaal, Mary McDonnell) and a killer soundtrack (Joy Division, Bunnymen) that will have you humming "Head Over Heels" for days, this movie is a must see for teens and adults. Nevertheless, be warned: This movie is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. You"ll laugh, cry, jump, ponder, and leave the theater exhausted, but you might just not want to see another movie for days.

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