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Donnie darko

             The scene that I am going to be analysing is the opening micro analyse, which contains the camera movement, mise en scene, sound and editing.
             At the start of the film the camera slowly pans around the beautiful scenery and then the camera slowly angles itself towards the dirt track on which Donnie is lying and slowly the camera moves towards him, until finally it stops and there is a wonderful landscape shot of the hills and then suddenly, Donnie's head pops up. All the time that this is going on there is some mysterious, almost angelic music playing which with a flash of light changes into "Echo and the Bunny Men's" "Killing Moon", which sets the scene for the rest of the film, because it is the 80's and this band were popular at that time. In this part of the film Donnie is wearing pyjamas, which is unusual. This also sets the tone for the rest of the film because it is pretty unusual.
             The next part of the scene is when Donnie is riding his bike down the hill and through the town. The camera keeps up with the pace of the bike and every so often the camera changes angle so that you get a different perspective (this is using a tracking shot). Throughout this part of the scene Donnie is kept in the centre of the screen and a mid-shot is used. The same music is playing, which I think fits in quite well with the bike scene because it is the quite a fast-paced song, as is the bike ride. Although the music is quite loud and takes up most of the sound there is still a good amount of background noise.
             The next part of the film is where Donnie throws his bike down in front of the house. The camera then cuts to a shot of Donnie's sister in slow motion on the trampoline. The camera then backs up from the close up shot of Donnie's sister and the camera speed becomes normal once more as Donnie walks into the shot and goes inside the house. The sound in this part of the scene is good because the music goes from being non-diegetic to diegetic sound by fading out and making it sound as if the song is coming from the radio.

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