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Gender Inequality

            By historical standards there have been enormous gains in the past 100 years.
             science, technology, knowledge, health, literacy, life expectancy and political participation are .
             amongst those that often come first to mind. But perhaps none has been so dramatic and pervasive in .
             its impact as women's slow acquisition of human rights. A century ago women were often .
             excluded from the full exercise of those civil rights which many men enjoyed. Men across the globe have .
             had to come to terms with women exercising their recently acquired rights in the workplace, in politics .
             and at home. Yet nowhere has actual equality been achieved. Respective roles of men and women are .
             still undergoing profound change, in the process of transforming the nature of the family, society, .
             culture and politics along with economics and the world of work. (Loutfi).
             The influx of women into the workforce has major social, economic, and organizational consequences. .
             The percentage of the total U.S. civilian workforce has increased dramatically since 1950, to where women .
             comprise almost half of today's workforce. A major reason for the increasing share of women in the workforce .
             is that more women with children are working than in previous decades. About 76% of women ages 25-54 are .
             in the workforce. Further, about half of all currently working women are single, separated, divorced, widowed, .
             or otherwise single heads of households. (Mathis/Jackson).
             In the 1970s married women began entering the labor force in great numbers, and the strict .
             segregation of women into certain occupations began to lessen somewhat as new opportunities arose for female .
             workers in traditionally male occupations.
             The growth of women in the workforce has led to more issues related to gender. Additionally, the selection and .
             promotion criteria that employers use can discriminate against women. Some cases have found that women .
             were not allowed to enter certain jobs or job fields.

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