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Sept 11

            " Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," as written in the Declaration of Independence and as guaranteed to us by the Constitution are the rights that ensure American Democracy. However, the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center posed a sudden and malicious threat to American freedom. It changed our world by introducing an element of fear and became a catalyst for impending war in the Middle East. In addition to changing the World, this heinous tragedy caused me to reflect upon my role in this world and this life.
             At the time of the attacks I was living in Queens, New York. I was in school when I heard the principal announce the abominable news. From that point on I was eager to learn more about what had happened. After school, on my way home I saw multitudes on the streets and my ears were assaulted by the constant sounds of sirens. Immediately after arriving home, I watched the news, which showed planes deliberately crashing into the World Trade Center. This was unbelievable, surreal as if I were watching a movie. By that evening the streets were deserted except for the occasional car. I missed three days of school because the debris from the attack was a potential health hazard. I was perturbed by the malice Americans demonstrated towards Indians, Pakistanis, and the Middle Easterners. .
             I was personally affected by the attacks because I lost a relative as a result. I became distracted with these events. It caused me to feel scared because I realized that such events could be repeated. My daily activities like going to the park to play baseball or shopping became a potential danger. I began to recognize the frailty of life and as such, I gained a deeper respect for it. I now live everyday to its fullest and appreciate every second that God allows me to draw breath. .

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