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             Has anyone every made fun of you because of the way you look or just because you were different? Well that is what most people are doing today. The supposed ugly/ different people are not getting hired, are not getting as much help as to the apposed pretty people, and they are being discriminated just because the way they look. .
             When you walk into a store such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Express what do you see? I see skinny, young, pretty women. You do not see overweight ugly people. These stores are using these people as walking advertisements for there store or company. The people that go into the store will think that if it looks good on them, then it will look good on me. Well not all the people that go into these stores look like the people that are selling the clothes. Some people might need to see the clothes on average or overweight people, not just the pretty and skinny people. The supposed pretty people get paid more too "an attractive worker is paid 10 percent more than his or her unattractive counterpart, even where they perform the same work and have similar levels of experience.".
             There has been a different kind of lookism in America since Sept. 11. The people of America have been treating Middle Eastern people differently. Some people refused to ride airplanes if there was an Arab on the plane and people refused to hire Arabs. The Middle Eastern kids, especially girls, have been discriminated against in there school or just walking down the streets. This was strong around the time of Sept. 11, but now we are beginning to respect the Arab's and Middle Eastern people. .

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