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Charle Horton Cooley

             Charles Horton Cooley was born on the edge of the Ann Harbor campus of the University of Michigan in 1864.?(Coser, 1977). He was the forth born of six children. He was born into awell to do? family. His father, Thomas Cooley, being a Supreme Court Justice and a professor of the law. His father was later known as the first chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission. (Major). Cooley as a young boy suffered from many aliments many thinking that they were psychosomatic. He enjoyed to go horseback riding possibly explaining his illnesses and weaknesses. (Coser, 1977).It's believed Cooley struggles with feelings of insecurity inHe had very few friends and suffered from a speech impediment. He was a shy boy and tended to daydream a lot and to do solitary reading. He pictured himself as a leader or even as a role model and strived to achieve it. (Coser, 1977.).
             ?Cooley's college like lasted seven years, having been interrupted by illness, a journey through Europe, and brief periods of work as a draftsman and as a statistician? (Coser,1977). When he finally graduated it wasn't in a subject that he was particularly fond of, engineering. While in school he also studied history, philosophy, and economics. He liked to read, and by .
             reading independently it finally led him to decide on what he wanted to do in his life. ( Coser, 1977)in 1890, Cooley returned to the University of Michigan for graduate work in political economy and sociology? (Major). He wrote a dissertation entitledThe Theory of Transportation,? a pioneering study in human ecology, and was granted a Ph.D. in 1894" (Coser, 1977) It seemed as if Cooley was troubled by his fathers success.It would seem that Cooley was long torn by an emotional dependence on a father from whom he was basically alienated, while being conscious of the fact that he was under and obligation to embark on a career that would do honor to his family.? (Coser, 1977).

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