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Healing Crisis Explained after Complementary Treatment

            Healing crisis explanation and reactions.
             During many holistic treatments the body goes through what we refer to has a healing crisis. This means that the body is going through the stages of detoxification. This is a process that happens when you are in dire physical distress. This is a normal ongoing process of the body.
             The body is designed to self cleanse itself to clear the way for new tissues and cells. Some waste gets left in the tissues along with the dormant remains of past illnesses you thought you were over.
             This is why holistic therapies like massage and reflexology play a part in the healing crisis because the body may need outside assistance to shift the toxins.
             The healing crisis is a natural part of the body's reorganisation. Toxins and waste get stored all around the body in the tissues. So naturally when the tissues are being worked on either by forms of massage or reflexology, the built up waste is released and re enters along the lymphatic network. Which is when in some cases the crisis occurs has the body now has to work to remove the toxins.
             The symptoms of a crisis can vary from individual to individual. They can range from generally feeling under the weather, flu like symptoms, coughs, sneezes and so forth. These symptoms usually last no more than 24 hours.
             In some cases the client may also start to feel emotions such has sadness, pain, joy maybe even fear even though they may not fully understand why. In these cases the crisis can take effect while the client is still having the treatment performed.
             Usually the healing crisis is an isolated symptom of an underlying previous illness that may have been lying dormant since childhood with no present ill effects.
             Many clients worry about the symptoms of a "crisis- they are experiencing but it means you are on the road to recovery in some sense.
             In order to understand what healing crisis's are and why they occur, it is important to have some understanding of the process of disease from a holistic point of view.

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