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Haroon Al Rashid

             My research paper will explore Haroon Al-Rashid's leadership and how much or little he adhered to Machiavelli's instructions. Through researching his policies with his own people and with others, I will try to determine what kind of leader Haroon Al-Rashid was. By answering questions such as how he reacted to attacks, how he behaved with caught criminals, and how he lived his daily life, I will try to gain insight on who Haroon Al-Rashid was. .
             Information about Haroon Al-Rashid is readily available. The problem, however, is that much of the information is very general. Though I have many questions to answer, I have not yet answered one properly. I checked two books out from the Library. One is on Arab Caliphs, which has a fairly large section on Haroon Al-Rashid, and the other is a biography. I haven't started to read the biography but it seems very detailed. I think this book will be one of my main sources.
             I also researched Haroon Al-Rashid on-line. This proved to be an interesting research tool. I found many pages that were very against Al-Rashid. These pages relayed examples of Haroon's apparently common cruelty and incompetence. Though these were personal pages they have uncovered a new aspect of Al-Rashid's caliphate. From these websites I have generated new questions about Al-Rashid's rule.
             Though my progress on this paper is slow, I believe once I find enough proper resources it will become less difficult. I've learned to filter general information and have formulated specific questions that will help lead my research. .

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