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Chinese cultures

            The country being studied now is China. China's culture is very different from the other types of cultures of the world. I picked this country because it is where my parents and family was born, this is giving me a chance to explore my roots and see where my family had experienced while they were there growing up. .
             The Chinese language is very different from English or Spanish or most countries around the world. Because even if you have the word on a piece of paper you might not even know what it means. But if someone says the word out loud then people might know how to say it. The form of writing is very complex to write, there are a lot of lines and curves you must write in order to write one word in Chinese. It is even hard to pronounce the Chinese words because some words can sound the same but also mean something completely different. The numbers ancient Chinese people used were not the ones we use in our western civilization, the numbers even looks like the words except the number of lines drawn to show the number is a lot less. There are actually two types of Chinese characters, the first is the way to pronounce the word itself and this form of Chinese writing is a lot similar to the western civilization's way of the alphabet. The other form of Chinese writing is the words itself, the words are written very differently then in the western civilizations. The writing doesn't use our alphabet to make up the words like Spanish or Italian. .
             For the language itself, the Chinese language is very different then any other language in the word. But u can say the same thing for every other language in the word because not one language is the same. But still the Chinese language is still very strange. The Chinese language is spoken in a lot of smaller Chinese languages but not as well known like mandarin and Cantonese. For example most people from Taiwan, which is the republic of china, speaks Taiwanese also.

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