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Old man and sea

             I read three different books before I started this paper. Finally, I gave my choice to the novel which is . (The other are and ) was recommended to all the teenagers in China and I read the novel in Chinese when I was still young. This time, I read the original one written in English. I was really attracted by this book. The reading of this time gave me a different feeling other than my old one. My dream was to come to see that blue sea and feel the breeze on the island. My old dream was like a beautiful picture and I was in it. And I had always been dreaming and waiting for this beautiful dream come true. My dream was pure, beautiful and romantic because I knew nothing about the environment around me. After the reading of this time, I got a complete different feeling that was not only the beautiful sea and bank I want to see, but also I really admire that old man in the story. I was really moved by his spirit and my old dream seemed to be less important comparing to his great spirit. And I am still keep dreaming and I know this old dream became a part of my memory. .
             This old man was alone and poor and no close friends around him. His only friend was forced to leave him. But he didn't give up and he still tried his best to catch that fish. God did not give him an easy time because he was an old and alone man. He met all the problems and situations that those young fishermen met. (I still don't believe the old man could meet and caught such gigantic fish: "18 foot, 1500 pound-.) God was really unfair to him and gave him a little hope but he liked to play with this old fisherman. Perhaps, I should not think in this way that God was not nice to him. God was nice to him but he need to show his spirit to God and finally God let he got that fish. God gave him a chance to see that big fish and he did his best and he got what he paid for.

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