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Old Man And The Sea

            In the book, The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway tells a story of an old fisherman. The old man, named Santiago, had gone for eighty-four days without catching a fish. Santiago feels that the following day would be a good day because eighty-five is his lucky number. The following day he gets up before dawn and sets out for a day of fishing. He had set one bait at forty fathoms, the second at seventy-five fathoms, and the third and forth were at one hundred and one hundred and twenty-five fathoms. While Santiago is fishing he sees a bird trying to get a flying fish that was being chased by tuna. The old man tries to put his boat over the school of tuna in hope of getting a catch. Suddenly something hooked itself on the bait that was set at one hundred and twenty-five fathoms. The old man had caught a huge marlin that was now pulling him out to sea. The fish continued to pull the old man out to sea for about 3 days. The old man survived by putting one of h!.
             is other lines out so that he could catch fish and eat them in order to keep his strength. On the third day he finally caught the fish. He had pulled the fish in slowly and then threw his harpoon at the fish's heart killing it instantly. The old man tied the fish to the side of his skiff and began to sail home. As he was sailing a shark took a large bite out of the fish he had caught. The old man harpooned the shark in his brain, and as the shark rolled off of the fish it took the old man's harpoon with it. The old man knew that there would be other sharks that would follow the scent of the fish's blood. He tied his knife to the butt of one of his oars. Two more sharks came and the old man killed them both. The second shark broke the blade as it rolled off the fish. Desperate, the old man waited for the other sharks. All he had left was a club, and he was going to use it. More sharks came, but this time in a pack. The old man desperately fought off the shark with his club, but!.

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