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Man of the House

             Throughout our lives we face many challenges and difficulties that impact how .
             Our maturity can be a strong representation of responsibility when going through such trials in life. If we are willing to stand up to any given situation when no one else can, we can state to others that we can be very responsible and independent. Living in a humble and single parent family requires the attention of the oldest child to hold some responsibilities and be independent at various times. I have been labeled, by those who have observed my family status, as a responsible young adult throughout my whole life. Others would distinguish me as the son who would have to go out into the world and make something out of myself to be responsible and independent. I should never have to rely on my mother but take matters into my own hands and help out the family and possibly become the one being depended on. Despite the fact that holding such a label grants empowerment, labeled as a responsible adult requires many duties and allows you to make tough decisions which can resolve or exacerbate a conflict.
             Being labeled as the responsible and independent son does not grant total acceptance of a deserved label. There were many duties that I would have to take up being the "man of the house." My responsibilities around the house would include those that the father would have to keep. I would have to make sure that my younger brother and sister was taken care of and that they would not get into any trouble. I would be held responsible for all actions taken when my mother would not be home. That would mean that if anything would happen I would take the guilt being so I did not do it. Other responsibilities included being a man and repairing and mending things around the house. If something breaks the responsible one is looked upon to take care of the situation. This label can accord higher self-esteem but it is always important to consider what obstacles one will encounter when given higher responsibilities.

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