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City of angels

            I saw this movie for the umpteenth time and I"m still captivated by its story. There are so many things I liked about this movie that I don't even know where to start. Well here goes Ill try to name all of them . First of all, the fact that the movie was not stereotyped like most movies, for example the angels weren't wearing white and did not have wings (ex.: Michael even though I know it was a comedy), also the fact that angels could fall in love, and that they could be seen when they want to. They also claim in the movie that an angel can actually become human which I liked a lot because I never saw it from that point of view yet it makes complete sense because why would we be completely free and not the angels (by the way another thing I liked was the fact that apparently humans do not become angels when they die but they still go to heaven), it's as if you"re a owner of a company and you treat your employees like crap but you give all your clients the perfect treatment: it just won't work. And the fact that GOD is love he should treat everybody the same way. I also liked (believe it or not) the ending of this movie when Meg Ryan (Maggie Rice) dies. I know it was sad but I think Seth (Nicholas Cage) put it best when he said: "I would rather have had one kiss then an eternity with out one"(or something). He loved her so much that he was happy with the little time he spent with her, even though she died at the end because he would rather have had that then an eternity without feeling her kisses or her touch ("cause angels have no senses and don't feel anything). .
             I also liked the fact that the movie didn't just end there like most movies would. It showed us that even though a part of Seth died with Maggie, he still was able to continue his life. So basically, the entire story was amazing and so was the script. The lighting was also very well done (for example when she is operating on a patient and she looses her concentration the blend of theses soft colours were very well done.

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