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What is Parkinson

             What is Parkinson's disease?.
             Parkinson's disease was first described in England in 1817 by .
             Dr. James Parkinson. He found out that Parkinson's disease is a .
             disorder of the brain characterized by shaking, and difficulty with .
             walking, movement and coordination. The term Parkinsonism refers to .
             any condition that involves a combination of type of change in .
             movement seen in Parkinson's disease .The disease is caused by .
             damage to part of the brain that is involved with movement. It affects .
             approximately 2 of every 1,000 people, after the age of 50. Sometimes .
             Parkinson's disease occurs in younger adults and is rarely seen in .
             children. It affects both men and women, but it is most common .
             neurologic disorders of the elderly. But cases have found that it .
             occurs within families, especially when it affects young people.
             Parkinson's disease sometimes is described as early, .
             moderate, or advanced. Early is describes the stage when a person has .
             a mild tremor or stiffness, but is able to continue work or other .
             normal daily activities. This is when it affects one side of the brain.
             Next is moderate. This is said to be the stage when a person begins to .
             experience limited movement. A person with moderate will start to have .
             mild tremor with slow movement. Both sides of the brain are affected, .
             but posture remains normal. Then there is the advanced. This is when .
             a person is significantly limited in his or her activities, despite .
             treatment. There will be a change in posture and movement, speech .
             problems and frequent change in movement. Both sides of the brain .
             are affected and there is disabling instability while standing or walking, .
             and they need help.
             Who it is caused?.
             Dopamine, which is one of the substances used by cell to .
             transmit impulses, is normally produced in this area. Deterioration of .
             this area of the brain reduces the amount of dopamine available to the .

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