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            There are many treatments available now. I had it done twice both sides of my head. Helped with hand shakes and head movements." (Urquhart). The surgery he is referring to is a Pallidotomy. During this surgery, the patient is awake. They drill in a rigid frame to his head for guiding the electrodes to the internal globus pallidus, deep inside the brain. Then they do CAT scans and MRI scans to find out just where the internal globus pallidus is. A hole is then drilled in the skull after local anesthesia has been given. Then an electrode is pushed into the brain to the spot where calculations from where the scans predict that the internal globus pallidus .
             should be. After that, a tiny electrical current is sent through the electrode. This inactivates but does not destroy the area of the brain around the electrode's tip. If the patient's symptoms get better and if there are no side effects, it is assumed that the electrode is in the internal globus pallidus and the heat is turned on to destroy it. The entire operation takes about an hour from the time the hole is drilled. If all goes well, the patients go home two days later. (Parkinson's disease: Always 6).
             The development of the disease varies from person to person, so treatment is also individualized. Treatment focuses on relieving disabilities while minimizing side effects of medications. There are many medications available now. One of those drugs is called Levodopa. Levodopa enters the brain and turns into dopamine. The problem with this is that when taken alone about 95% of the dopamine is broken down by the body before it reaches the brain. In the later stages of the disease, the drug is less effective in treating tremor and balance problems. Side affects are severe and include drop in blood pressure, nausea and hallucinations. ("Basic") Levodopa/carbidopa (Simemet) which is what my dad is presently on is better because the carbidopa prevents levodopa from being metabolized in the stomach, liver, and other organs and allows more of it to get to the brain.

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