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             Disneyland may really be the happiest place on earth! Disneyland has been able to fool all of us. All we see is the show that they put on in front what we don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes. The first thing I will be telling you about is Disneyland’s past. The second that I will be telling you about is the many cast members (employees) that all have a major part in trying to keep the magic alive at Disneyland. Lastly I will be telling you just a few of the secrets of Disneyland. I hope some of these things in this essay will have you believing that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.
             The making of the mouse house, Mr. Disney builds his dream. “Walt first thought of a Disney Land in the 1930’s while taking his two young daughters to a typical amusement park of the day –dirty, garish, disorganized and minimal interest to adults.” Walt wanted to build a place free from all the evils of the real world. Walt wanted some much for his flawless as he imagined it. “Disney had exactly one year to completely one year to transform seventeen tracts of orange groves in the small town of Anaheim, California into his elaborate dreamland.” Walt didn’t get to fully complete his dream by opening day. “Not discouraged, Walt was still determined to make Disneyland all that he had dreamed.” Walt had control of every building and if he thought that something looked not as he had seen it in his head he would have them tear it down and try to rebuild it in the image that Walt had pictured.
             Disneyland has had its fair share of pranksters. “Once a devious Matterhorn attendant found a wrapped condom on the seat of a Matterhorn bobsled.” Disneyland’s crew is mostly focused on other cast members. Disneyland looks for the brightest most well groomed people to hire. “For the most part employees didn’t want to make the guests the butts of their jokes.

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