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You Are Where You Stand

            Hamilton High School is not a typical inner-city high school which can not be described by one set group that we see on television or in movies. If Hamilton's students are used for a new teen movie you would probably have the most diverse cast in the history of teeny bopper movies. The faces you pass and the personalities you experience are all different. Where a person takes their place in this setting depends on what they are accustomed to and what they want to become. In the following we will cover the different subgroups of this complex.
             The separation between students is obvious when you first step foot on to the quad. Two main areas the school is divided into are Disneyland and Crenshaw, which mainly shows a separation between music academy students and the rest of the school. I never forget when I stated here at Hami; my friend warned me to never be seen in Disneyland until I am better known by the outside community surrounding it. My first time actually experiencing Disneyland wasn't as bad as everyone described. The only difference between those in Disneyland and my friends surrounding was that the kids in Disneyland seemed to be more outgoing and willing to try things not caring what others thought of them. .
             The subgroup I most commonly relate to are those in Crenshaw, consisting mainly of African - American students, the cheerleading squad, the senior tree, and football and basketball. Once again we have entered into a world where everything and everyone does not mix hence the name Crenshaw. Much like cruising down the street walking past Crenshaw you will hear loud voice either of joy or anger, people not getting along or everyone joining together to listen to beats and lyrics. The connection between everyone in Crenshaw is best described as a family. There is always someone you don't like but if an outsider tries to start some mess the better be ready to deal with just about everyone.

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