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My Guardian Angel

             As I wake up every morning, there she is to brighten up my day. When I go to sleep at night she is still there to wish me a good night. It's too bad she's just a picture up on my wall. I wasn't even born yet when my grandma passed away. My mom was barely five months pregnant with me. Even though my grandma can't be physically present with me, I know that spiritually she is here with me. Growing up I heard remarkable stories about my grandma, how she was so caring, strong, and just a person filled with plenty of love. All those stories were enough to touch my heart, that's why my grandma is my role model. She brings a smile to my face when I"m feeling blue, lets me appreciate my life, and showed me the true meaning of a commitment.
             My grandma was a loving person with words of wisdom; she always knew what to say and when to say it. I remember one story my mom had told me, of when she first found out she was pregnant with me. She felt ashamed, because she was forty-two years old and pregnant. My mom had six other children; they were all male the oldest at the time was twenty-one and the youngest was three. My grandma told her, "Don't be ashamed for a child is a gift of God, and this child should be received into this world as a blessing. If you are pregnant it was because God wanted you to have what you have always hoped for, a little girl." What my grandma told my mom made her feel special and blissful. No longer did my mom feel ashamed of her pregnancy; it was true what my grandma said, "A child is a gift of god." And there was nothing to be ashamed about.
             During this time, my grandma was on her deathbed; she would spend her days in ICU. She would tell my mom, "I might not be around when your little girl is born, but I .
             assure you that I will be there for her birth and I will be there to help you raise her and protect her even if I can not be there physically." My mom shed tears when my grandma told her that, for she believed that my grandma would still have more life left in her.

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