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Freedom v. Security

            Imagine being arrested, not told why you are being arrested, held indefinitely, and prohibited from seeing a lawyer or your family. Among other things, the Bill of Rights makes sure that these things don't happen. Before Sept. 11th, Americans like you and me valued our freedom above else. But after Sept. 11th, it seems that words like civil rights and due process has disappeared from most Americans" vocabulary. This is because of the American people's bruised psyche after the tragic event, which lead to our willingness to sacrifice a few rights for a sense of security. Also, the apathy that most people display about politics contributes the government's abuse of power. Americans must be aware of what they want, but at the same time, know what they sacrifice to attain it. As a citizen of this country and a person who puts great value on civil liberties, I am deeply concerned with the amount of power that the Bush administration has being granted. I want security like every other person but even in extraordinary times and conditions, our civil liberties, guaranteed in the Constitution, should not be infringed upon. .
             For a long time, freedom was America's battle cry. Sure we wanted security but freedom was what this country was founded upon. But after Sept. 11th, the American public demanded security and was willing to give up some things to attain it. The USA PATRIOT Act was passed a little over a month after Sept. 11th under the proclamation that it would help eliminate attacks against the United States. Even when details about the legislation's blatant disregard for civil rights was revealed, America's bruised psyche did not allow for much opposition. Following the declaration on the so-called "war on terrorism," the Bush administration has time and again grabbed more power under the banner of protecting the country and we seem to go, "ok, do what you gotta do." But how much freedom are we willing to give up? How do we know that the government will use its excessive powers in good faith? Not many people seem too concerned about these questions.

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