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The monostable timer curcuit

             My objective for this project was to design and construct a simple, fully-functional, monostable time-delay curcuit, based on many different diagrams, blueprints and text (instructions) we were given. .
             In order to complete this fairly simple exercise, we used a wide variety of equipment; both technological and basic. These items were: .
             Technological; 1 NE555 timer chip, 1 resistor (470R), 1 variable resistor (potentiometer), 1 polarised capasitor (220uF), 1 LED, 1 push-to-make switch, 2 connector blocks, and 1 prototype board. .
             Basic; 1 wooden, rectangular block, 1 thin, plastic layer, 2 red-coated wires, 2 black-coated wires, and 1 yellow-coated wire.
             Safety Precautions.
             Whilst conducting a hazardous exercise such as this one, where there are varying possiblities of accentially harming yourself, it is highly advised that you take the necessary precautions. Including:.
             1. Permit as much concentration as possible to what you are doing. DO NOT ACT INMATURE OR CHILDISH!!! .
             2. Wear protective clothing (E.g. gloves, googles, etc). .
             Firstly, we took the thin, plastic layer, held it landscape, and used just an average ruler to measure 20mm • 20mm, and then turned it around, and measured 24mm • 20mm. Then we marked all the measurments with a pencil.
             Secondly, we used an electronic drill to drill a hole through all the marked measurments on the plastic layer. Then, we placed the side with the measurments; 24mm • 20mm, on the side of the wooden, rectangular block, and tightly screwed 2 metal screws through the drilled holes.
             Thirdly, we placed the recangular block down on the desk, with the plastic layer pointing upwards, and stuck the prototype board down in the centre of the block, and then we screwed both of the connector blocks at equal distance at the side of the prototype board. .
             After that, we inserted the NE555 timer chip and the resistor into the correct slots on the prototype board, and connected the LED to one of the connector blocks, using the provided blueprints.

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