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             Welfare today is much different from its status in the past. From the 1930's to the 1990's, the welfare system was run by the federal government. There was also no time limit on the time you were allowed to be on welfare. To qualify, you needed to be below the "poverty line" and you could automatically qualify for entitlement with no limit. But then there was a new system and the old system was reformed in some key ways. Under the new system, someone could stay on welfare for only five years. People also had to have a work requirement of at least two years to try encourage people on welfare to get jobs. Also now the federal government gives block grants to the states so different states spend the welfare money in different ways.
             Some of the issues of the new welfare system include should people on welfare have to take drug tests. This would help people get off drugs and prevent wasting of the welfare money. Another issue was that should a state be able to take money out of welfare checks to get the state out of debt. The government gives the states the money for welfare so it should only be used on issues dealing with welfare. Another issue is that a lot less people are now off welfare but many can still be poor because they do not fit the requirements to receive welfare; but we still do not know if this is related to the economy or the welfare reforms. Many people have raised the issue whether the five-year period should be extended. Another issue is that should immigrant children and pregnant women receive welfare.
             One of the successes under the new program is that there are sessions were made where people can discuss some of the pros and cons under the new system to help improve on some of the issues of welfare. Then some states could see what is doing well in other states and they can use those methods to try and improve on how they are spending their money in welfare. Also people who take the drug tests would be clean and not waste money on drugs.

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