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            "This week we offered a plan to end welfare as we know it "a plan that will .
             encourage personality and help strengthen our families through tougher child support, .
             more education and training, and an absolute requirement to go to work after a period of .
             time."" -Bill Clinton, radio address, 6/18/94. The welfare system is in deep distress.
             The United States recently experienced one of the greatest "booms" in our economic .
             history. More people were working than ever before. People were buying houses at a .
             faster rate than they have in decades. Yet there were many people still living from .
             paycheck to paycheck, or welfare check to welfare check. The subject of welfare stirs .
             different passions in different people. Some say that those who are on welfare should be .
             taken off, with no hope of survival afterward. They should "support themselves," these .
             people say. Others believe that these welfare recipients should be able to stay on the rolls .
             indefinitely. I think that people who are on welfare, who are physically capable to work, .
             should be required to work. However, I also feel that it would be irresponsible of this .
             country to throw these people into low-paying jobs with no training or education to help .
             them eventually get a better job at a higher wage. We should not "force" them to work; .
             we should help them to work and acquire the skills necessary to maintain a good paying .
             The criticisms of welfare ranges over a number of social and economic issues. .
             Some people criticize welfare programs for not providing high enough benefits to .
             eliminate poverty. Spending on welfare would have to increase greatly to eliminate .
             poverty, and many people believe the cost is already too high. Many critics of the welfare .
             system charge that providing a steady income to needy people encourages idleness. .
             Actually, most welfare benefits go to elderly, blind, and disabled people and mothers .
             with young children.

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