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             The United States of America is known as the country of freedom and .
             In today's society, many Americans are abusing their right of freedom. .
             Every year, the United States government spends billions of dollars on national welfare .
             programs. This wasted disposal of money encourages unemployment, dependency, and .
             discourages family interaction.
             Welfare is a government program providing money, medical care, food, housing, .
             and other things people need in order to survive. People who can receive help from these .
             welfare programs are: children, elders, disabled persons, and others who cannot support .
             their families on their current income. Federal and state governments in the United States .
             serve poor people through more than 80 public assistant programs, costing about 450 .
             billion dollars annually. Most people receive help through one of the four major .
             programs. These programs are: Medicaid, Social Security, Supplement Security, and Aid .
             to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Families who cannot afford doctor's bills .
             or visits receive Medicaid. Most Medicaid funding comes from the federal government. .
             Before the federal government got into civilian healthcare, no person was ever denied .
             medical attention in America because he couldn't pay for it. That would have violated .
             the sacred oath of every doctor. AFDC provides cash benefits to dependent children and .
             their parents. About 80 percent of families receiving AFDC are single - mother families. .
             Again, most AFDC funding comes from the federal government. The food stamp .
             program helps low - income households buy more and better food than they could .
             normally afford. The number of stamps a household receives depends on the family's .
             size, incomes, and expenses. Most grocery stores accept the stamps like cash for food .
             purchases only. Yet, nobody can honestly read the Constitution and find any authority .
             for the government to act as a problem solver.

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