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Milgram vs. Baumrind

             In 1963, Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale, conducted a set of revolutionary experiment which tested just how much pain an individual would inflict on another if ordered to by an authoritative figure. Diana Baumrind, author of "Review of Stanley Milgram's Experiment on obedience." thought that Milgram was incorrect in his reasoning. This essay will voice the different authors view of the experiment.
             In the experiment two people are involved, the learner, a mild mannered man who was the one being shocked, and the teacher, a stern looking secondary school teacher male was doing the shocking. Participants were told they were taking part in a study of effects of punishment on learning. They were also told that each time they were to make an error in a simple learning task they would be shocked. A preliminary run is given to the learner. This allows the subject to get a chance to get used to the instructions and a chance to warm up. The learner gets three out of ten correct and receives seven shocks. The shocks were delivered by means of switches on a special device. There were thirty switches on the device, each one being labeled. The first shock was 15 volts, then move to the next switch, which increased by 15 volts and became 30 volts. Each switch is increased by 15 volts and goes all the way up to 450 volts. In this particular experiment, the learner received 105 volts. In this experiment about 63 % of the teachers were fully obedient up to the 450 volts lever. Another example of the same experiment was taken place in a larger place. It was conducted at Yale University in 1961. In this experiment there were about 75 people involved, which varied between the ages of 20 and 50. The group was split in half, one half was the teacher and the other half was the learner. The learners were each put into a room and were strapped to a chair to prevent movement. Their wrist was attached to the chair with straps with electrodes attached to them.

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