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            As I was walking down the street, I noticed them for the first time. Who brought them? How long had they been there? These blue bins with cool triangles on the sides of them were taking over. I had heard of these things in school, but I didn't realize how popular they were. Some have holes for cans or bottles, while others are for paper products. We have all been told that we should use them. Most of us have started to use them, but we don't go out of our way to do it. Maybe we don't realize how helpful recycling can be. Maybe we don't care because we don't think recycling affects us, but the truth is, recycling is beneficial to us environmentally, economically, and personally.
             First of all, recycling is great for our environment. When we recycle, less raw materials are needed for manufacturing many products. This is good because it reduces the need for cutting down trees, drilling for oil, and mining for minerals. It is also good because the manufacturing of products from recycled materials creates less air and water pollution and saves more energy than the manufacturing of products from raw materials. When are air and water are clean, we don't have to worry as much about the danger of doing our daily activities like breathing or drinking from the tap. Also, when you recycle or buy recycled products, there is less solid waste to go into landfills or incinerators. This is good because the disposal of solid waste is often hazardous to our environment. Recycling makes our planet cleaner in many ways, and who wouldn't want to live in a cleaner environment?.
             Second of all, recycling saves money. When we recycle, garbage collection and disposal .
             costs are lower. The costs of the things we buy are lower. This is because it costs companies less to manufacture products using recycled materials instead of raw materials. There is also money saved in how we take care of our trash, because in some cases, recycling has proven to be the least-expensive waste management method for cites and towns across the United States.

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