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Mixed Marriage

            Relationships are one of the most important things in life and marriage is one of the most important relationships. In another words, relationships and marriages are connected to each others. In general, relationships usually occur before marriages. However, it is the opposite in an article I read where a marriage occurs before the relationship. This article is about a young girl who has been arranged to meet with her potential husband. She is from the west and he is from the east. They are both from different worlds. Growing up the western culture, the girl finds her parents traditions to old fashioned and restrictive so she must find a way to disarrange the marriage. For many different reasons, arrange marriages do not often work in western countries. Many of the women in the western world are influenced by its culture and way of life. They are now referred to as modern women compare to other women in China and Vietnam. This is because many of them are now out there pursuing careers and looking for jobs. They do not have time for husband and family. In the article, the girl expresses her feeling to her family that she is not looking for a husband and that is only because she is busy enough getting her life together. She agrees to meet with her potential husband because this makes parents happy. The fact is she a Chinese and must respect her cultural traditions no matter how westernized she is. The girl's parents arrange this marriage only because it seems to them that their daughter is not pursuing a life partner. Therefore, it is their parental duty to follow Chinese tradition and find her a husband. However, the girl is beginning to turn her life around and finding her own ambitions. She has no interest in a family until she is financially secure and goals fulfilled. Only then she would go out and find the man she wants to marry. My goal is to eventually settle down with a wife and to find the one person I am compatible with.

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