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Are internet games a good idea?

             The question of whether internet games are a good idea is a very important one for the technology market. Online games and their subscription services have proven to be a very lucrative asset to the video game industry. Internet games sell due to the fact that interaction with other people rather than machines is much more alluring. In addition, these online games provide many educational outlets to youngsters, which is a feature that catches the eye of many parents. These games just might be the future of the video game market. .
             Internet oriented games outsell all other categories of video games. Online subscriptions pull in over $200 million a year. The actual online games bring in over $1 billion annually. These numbers are only climbing every year with the rising popularity of online games. People feel that with an online game they get the most bang for their buck.
             Online games are more interactive and exciting than normal games. In an online game people have the ability to interact with other human-controlled characters. Being able to play a game with other people adds a realistic excitement to the gaming experience. Outsmarting and tricking a human opponent is much more fun than trying to beat artificial intelligence. Normal games lack this excitement and realism, which could prove to be their downfall.
             Online gaming can be educational for children in many ways. For example, the new online game The Sims teaches kids how to be responsible with money. The WWII action/role-playing game Medal of Honor has many history oriented facets of its storyline. Games like Jeopardy are even online now helping to sharpen people's trivia skills. Thanks to the advent of these new games, education has been successfully assimilated into games in a fun and exciting way.
             The more popular these games become the more people will see what a truly great idea they are. The amount of money already racked in for big game companies is tremendous.

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