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"Those Who We Rely On"

            Why do heroes always seem to arrive at times when we need them most? In times of crisis, people feel the need for heroes" arrival in order to be mentally secure. These heroes may commit heroic deeds large or small but they keep ordinary citizens in a stable mindset and continuing to accomplish daily functions. The extraordinary appearance of heroes when people are in times of need is the miraculous thing about these occurrences.
             Every day heroes appear in times of crisis. The men aboard flight ninety-three which was seemingly headed for the Pentagon, were everyday men with a certain spark within them. These four individuals were apparently ordinary citizens who lived life just as you or I do. However, the background of these men seems to be a textbook hero story. All four men were athletes in high school or college ranging from a national collegiate rugby player to a college third basemen. Other than athletics none of these men shared a common bond between them.
             I personally have never experienced any acts such as these. I do not believe it is common for ordinary people to have a certain spark about them to commit acts of goodness. I believe people rely on others to step in and take on the heroic role. It seems the primary emotion is fear, not heroism. .

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