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How Much Gun Control Do We Need?

            How Much Gun Control Does America Need?.
             As the shots ring out at the trap range a smile comes across each kids face as he or she watches their two clay targets bust and drop to the ground. This same smile appears as they watch ducks, doves, pheasants, quail, and other tasty game hit the ground. When this same child shoots a rifle or pistol of their parent's on the shooting range the same smile and happiness appears when there's a hole in the bull's eye. Shooting all types of guns is a very popular sport or hobby among many people in America. When someone decides to use a gun of their own or one of someone else's to kill or injure another human that's when you hear about guns in the news. You never hear about a child who will one day become a great marksman. Nor do you see pictures of these kids in the paper smiling after the satisfaction of being successful with a gun in hunting or recreational shooting. If our society keeps downplaying guns as they do, one day a child or grandchild of yours will not get to experience this thrill. I guess if they aren't able to go do such hobbies as this they could be wandering about the streets doing anything you could imagine. They could get mixed up in drugs, robberies, fighting, or many other things that will give you a free ride in a police car. Clearly the U.S. does not need stricter gun control laws. .
             Those of you who are in favor of gun control may bring up all the killings and injuries that occur every year involving a gun. Well if the government makes guns illegal then these individuals that use guns in the wrong way will acquire them one way or another. They could very easily get them from overseas. There are a lot of illegal drugs in society but it seems like over fifty percent of our population is involved in illegal drugs some how or another. So why would making guns illegal stop people from getting guns and killing someone.

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