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gun control

             Gun control has been the topic of a lot of debate over the years. Many people are caught in the middle of this debate. Many feel that gun control is absolutely necessary while others think that it is our Constitutional right to own a gun. Both sides have different opinions on the effect of guns on crime. Opponents of gun control feel that by allowing citizens to have guns it can decrease crime. While supports of gun control say guns increase crime. Gun control is a very necessary and needed policy in America because it lowers crime and helps lower death rates.
             Crime is a determining factor when it comes to the issue of gun control. As time has passed there has been an increase in crime. The effectiveness of gun control is very evident when observing a study of two cities, Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia by John Henry Sloan (Bogus 160). These two cities are very similar even though they are in different countries (Bogus 160). A study was performed during 1980 and 1986 and it was found that their populations are similar along with their unemployment rate, and average income (Bogus 160). Some would presume that these two cities crime rates would be similar but in fact they are very different. The homicide rates are much higher in Seattle than they are in Vancouver (Bogus 160). The rates are very different due to the fact that Vancouver has much stricter gun laws than Seattle does (Bogus 162). Many Americans reasoning for owning a gun is for self-defense but in Vancouver that is not the case for the simple fact that self-defense is not valid reasoning (Bogus 162). When looking at the study that was done in Seattle and Vancouver is it valid to say that gun control lowers crime rates. Some may say that it has to do with society but these cities are so much alike. So how can this argument be effective? You can not say that it is effective because how can societies be so close together and made up of the same types of people and their societies be different.

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