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Parenting Styles

            Have you ever wondered how your life would have turned out if your parents were strict, or if your parents were too permissive? As a 20 year old on the verge of starting a family myself, I sit and wonder what type of parent I will be. There is three different types of parents; the authoritarian parent, the overly permissive parent and the authoritative parent. Each parenting style is unique in its own way and each style has a strong impact on each and every person's life. To show that each style is unique in its own way, a brief overview of each style and a comparison of each style is necessary.
             First off, the authoritarian parents enforce rigid rules and are punishment orientated. The authoritarian views their child as having few or little rights, but tend to have responsibilities that an adult would hold. The child is expected to stay out of trouble and to believe what the parent says is right or what is wrong. For example the parent would use such language as "Do it because I say so." .
             In contrast, the overly permissive parent is just the opposite of the authoritarian. Overly permissive parents give little guidance and allow too much freedom. The parent does not hold the child responsible for their child's actions. Also there would not be any consequences for their actions. Rules are not enforced and the child usually or always gets his or her own way. If the child would want something that appeals to him or her, the parent would usually buy it for the child, or would promise to get it for him or her.
             On the other hand, the authoritative parenting style falls between the authoritarian and the overly permissive parenting style. The authoritative parent enforces rules that are not rigid, and punishes their child for their bad actions, but these punishments are not harsh in nature. The parent also gives guidance and the child feels loved and nurtured, but not too nurtured.

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